What We Do

BVA, LLC provides independent, objective opinions of value that look at more than accounting numbers. We knowledgeably and systematically examine a company’s competitive position, its financial management and the overall operating environment. Then, using statistical tools, economic analysis, industry research — and most of all, common sense — we provide you with a clear, concise report that enables you to take action.venn diagram

Risk Analysis

Many situations require something other than a full valuation report or a focus on risk alone. For these situations, BVA, LLC tailors a risk assessment to your unique needs. Using a multiple step approach, we first identify factors that create uncertainty, then appropriately quantify risk, and provide you with an in-depth discussion of the implications, if left unchecked.

Ignoring risk makes no sense, especially when there are proven techniques to control it, thereby allowing you to grow your business or meet an investment target.

Litigation Support

We provide a full gamut of litigation support services, many of them related to valuation or risk issues. BVA, LLC recognizes that you need experts who are not only knowledgeable but able to communicate clearly to those individuals who will decide your financial fate. We are regularly praised for our success in providing credible, concise, and understandable explanations of complex concepts.