Valuation and Risk Analysis
BVA, LLC provides a full range of valuation and risk analysis services for regulators for governance or compliance purposes. Our goal is to assist you with the specialized data-gathering, research, analysis, and report delivery that fits your situation. We recognize that your needs are unique.

Regulators face some unique challenges, not the least of which is an increasing complexity in the financial markets, products, and players they oversee. At a time when volatility is a constant and investors everywhere have lost considerable sums, regulators are asked to review models, processes, and individual transactions for a wide variety of fund types.

BVA, LLC can provide independent, objective opinions of value about an individual security or derivative instrument or an entire portfolio. We are also available to recommend and help you implement a valuation process or review one already in place. This goes a long way to demonstrating care and diligence to beneficiaries and regulators alike.

We can provide risk management education, help you identify and measure risk, recommend ways to best control risk, and create or validate valuation or risk models.

We start with an initial complimentary discussion to better understand the relevant background details and identify your deadline requirements. For those situations that require something other than a full-scale appraisal, we can assist you with a targeted study to help you evaluate investment fund compensation against industry norms, enforce compliance, forecast growth, revise existing policy, understand industry structure, and satisfy other vital goals.

Here are some of the many reasons behind the valuation and risk analysis services we offer to regulators. If you don’t see a particular listing for what you need, please contact us.

Litigation Support
BVA, LLC provides a wide array of arbitration and litigation services for regulators and their counsel. This includes, but is not limited to, valuation analysis, calculation of damages due to allegedly wrongful trading, assessment of investment suitability and determination of hedge effectiveness.

We are happy to work with you at any stage of the process but recommend that getting us involved early often saves you time and money. In some cases, a preliminary valuation or risk analysis can pave the way for a settlement, thereby avoiding a costly trial.

For cases destined to go to trial, we can help you and your counsel identify relevant documents during the discovery phase, assist you with deposition consulting, draft an expert witness report, rebut opposing expert testimony, prepare understandable and meaningful exhibits, and testify in court.

Our highest priority is the combining of theory and practice to deliver a thorough, well-researched and clear report that can be effectively used by the trier of fact to bring about resolution.